Looking for a delightful dining experience without breaking the bank? Shabu Sai offers an exquisite variety of dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings at an affordable Shabu Sai price. From fresh vegetables and succulent meats to a range of dipping sauces, Shabu Sai menu provides a diverse selection of hotpot ingredients that cater to all tastes. Whether you’re a fan of tender slices of beef, plump shrimp, or healthy greens, Shabu Sai has it all. With its inviting ambiance and friendly staff, it’s the perfect spot to gather with friends and family for a heartwarming meal that brings people closer without compromising the Shabu Sai price.

This Shabu Sai focuses on providing a memorable dining experience that resonates with your preferences and budget. The Shabu Sai Singapore offers a wide array of ingredients and understands the importance of culinary customization at a reasonable Shabu Sai price. Each dish is prepared carefully to align perfectly with your craving and preferences. Shabu Sai’s menu caters to your desires without stretching your budget, whether ready for a hearty feast or a lighter, health-conscious meal. With a commitment to quality, personalization, and affordability, Shabu Sai invites you to indulge in a delightful journey of flavors and camaraderie.

Shabu Sai Meats – Menu

Meet TypeWeightPrice
Beef150G10.80 SG$
Chicken150G6.50 SG$
Pork Belly150G7.50 SG$
Pork Collar150G6.50 SG$
Wagyu150G26.50 SG$
Shabu Sai Meat latest price
Shabu Sai Meat latest price

Shabu Sai Singapore Soups – Menu

Soups Type3 LiterPrice
Seaweed8.90 SG$
Spicy Soup11.90 SG$
Sukiyaki14.00 SG$
Tom Yam Miso11.90 SG$
Tonkotsu14.00 SG$
Yuzu Collagen11.90 SG$
Shabu Sai Singapore Soups latest pricing
Shabu Sai Singapore Soups

Shabu Sai Menu Seafood

Asari 500 gram500G9.90 SG$
Baby Abalone8Pcs22.00 SG$
Half Shelled Scallops4Pcs17.60 SG$
King Tiger Pawn3Pcs22.00 SG$
Salom300G20.90 SG$
Shabu Sai Menu Seafood latest pricing
Shabu Sai Menu Seafood

Shabu Sai Menu For Noodles & Surmi

DishesWeight & QuantityPrice
Cheese Tofu5Pcs3.20 SG$
Fish Balls Surimi10Pcs3.20 SG$
Ramen150G5.40 SG$
Rice Vermicelli Noodles100G2.10 SG$
Salmon Cheese Balls5Pcs3.20 SG$
Rice100G1.00 SG$
Udon200G3.20 SG$
Shabu Sai Menu For Noodles & Surmi latest price
Shabu Sai Menu For Noodles & Surmi

Shabu Sai Drinks Menu

Ice Lemon Tea Can 330 ml12.50 SG$
Sprite2.50 SG$
Coke2.50 SG$
Kirin Beer10.99 SG$
Kimoto Dai Ginjyo Sake21.99 SG$
Shabu Sai Drinks latest Menu pricing
Shabu Sai Drinks Menu

Shabu Sai Vegetables Menu

Long Cabbage300G3.30 SG$
HK Kailan300G6.60 SG$
Golden Mushroom100G2.20 SG$
Shimeji Mushroom150G3.85 SG$
Shanghai Green200G5.50 SG$
Tofu100G3.30 SG$
Wakame Seaweed100G3.30 SG$
Carrot200G3.30 SG$
Jap Leek200G5.50 SG$
Shiitake Mushroom100G3.30 SG$
Potato200G3.30 SG$
Tau Pok4 Pecis4.40 SG$
Tomato200G3.30 SG$
Shabu Sai Vegetables Menu pricing
Shabu Sai Vegetables Menu

Shabu Sai Others Menu

Fresh Egg11.00 SG$
Shrimp Paste1/26.88 SG$
Beef Tsukune1/36.88 SG$
Pork Tsukune1/45.63 SG$
Shabu Sai Others Menu latest pricing

Shabu Sai Buffet Menu

Buffet 1 SetIncludedPrice
Set A 2~3 PaxBeef 200 gram56.50 SG$
Pork Collar 200g
Chicken 200g
Mixed Vegetable Platter
Cheese Tofu
Salmon Fish Ball
Fish Ball
1 Soup
2 Sauces
4 Condiments
Buffet 2 SetIncludedPrice
Set B 4~5 PaxBeef 400g97.50 SG$
Pork Collar 400g
Chicken 400g
Mixed Vegetable Platter
Cheese Tofu
Salmon Fish Ball
Fish Ball
1 Soup
4 Sauces
4 Condiments
Buffet 3 SetIncludedPrice
Individual Set Meal for 1 PaxMixed Vegetable Platter18.75 SG$
Salmon Fish Ball 2pcs
Fish Ball 2pcs
Buffet 4 SetIncludedPrice
Vegetable PlatterShanghai Green7.50 SG$
Golden Mushroom
Shimeji Mushroom
Shiitake Mushroom
Tau Pok
Long Cabbage
SetSauce & Condiments2.80 SG$
Shabu Sai Buffet Menu
Shabu Sai Buffet Menu

Shabu Sai is a popular Japanese hotpot buffet chain in Singapore. Their menu offers a wide variety of meats, seafood, vegetables, and noodles, all of which are cooked in pot of broth. Shabu Sai menu is a great option for a casual and affordable hotpot dining in Singapore unlike Tai Er Menu that offers something chocolaty to its customers.